Palestinian Leadership Seeks to Sue Britain for Balfour Declaration – 26 July 2016

As the 100th anniversary of the Balfour Declaration approaches next November, the Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) is gearing up for the effort to undo it.  According to this latest effort, the British government — which issued the Declaration on November 2, 1917, expressing their intent that the Jewish people should reestablish their historic homeland in Palestine, without harming the rights of those already living there — is guilty of setting in motion the catastrophe that the predominantly Islamic Arabs claim is an invasion into their territory by a non-Muslim sovereign entity.  This latest attempt to completely delegitimize Israel reveals the falseness of any statements to the effect that the Palestinian leaders would be willing to have a “two-state solution” for the “Israeli-Palestinian Conflict”.

The incessant efforts to erase all historic Jewish connections to Jerusalem, the Temple Mount, the Land of Israel find support from a number of world bodies and nations.  Just last month UNESCO emphasized the Muslim connection to the Temple Mount — on which Jesus was possibly crucified — while afterwards acknowledging that the site is important to Jews and Christians, as well.  Last year the PA wanted the UN to declare that the Western Wall (Wailing Wall) is a Muslim holy site, which did not pass.  Before that, UNESCO did vote that the Cave of Machpelah — which Abraham bought as a burial site for his wife, Sarah, and where also Abraham, Isaac and Rebecca, and Jacob and Leah are all buried, these being the fathers and mothers of the Jewish people — is a Muslim World Heritage Site!

There is a movement in the UK, called the Balfour Project, seeking Britain to apologize for its great historic mistake over the issuance of the Balfour Declaration:

What will be next?  As the battle against YHVH’s sovereignty and plan intensifies, He is going on, whatever the nations and peoples may do.  Let us, too, go on with Him in faith that He is justified in all that He does, and we are saved by grace and justified when we believe in Jesus, and what He says.   The gospel is to the Jew first, and also to the Arabs and to all other Gentiles!  The day of reckoning is coming when all will know that the triune YHVH is the true God, and that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of the Father!


2 Replies to “Palestinian Leadership Seeks to Sue Britain for Balfour Declaration – 26 July 2016”

  1. Thanks, Sam. I do not support a two-state “solution” because it is obviously not the solution to the conflict. This intended lawsuit should be sufficient to expose why such a solution is a farce. A truly Islamic leadership can never compromise sincerely its stated and ingrained goal of wiping out Israel from being a nation.

    The country is already divided, and Jerusalem is still being trampled underfoot by the Gentiles. However, the Jewish people have still not returned and called upon the name of YHVH (or Yeshua, for that matter) to save them.

    God may yet allow a formal division, if that is what it takes to get what He wants. And, as you write, He will judge those who divide His land, whether they be Gentiles or Jews. The Lord has left no other solution than repentance and faith in the gospel: the sacrificial blood of Jesus on the cross for sin and sins is God’s peace agreement, and the price for it.

  2. The two state solution that the nations seek to impose on Israel would break the Everlasting Covenant of Hashem with Abraham, and will lead directly to judgment according to Joel 3 and Isaiah 24….it appears to be imminent. The two state solution is one of the proximate causes for judgment, and it appears to set off the onset of the 70th week of Daniel

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