Israel, The Nations, and YHVH God – 25 Dec 2016


On Sabbath evening, Dec 23, on the day before the first night of Hanukkah, on the day before Christmas Eve, the UN Security Council passed Resolution 2334, essentially declaring that the heartland of Israel — Judea and Samaria, and East Jerusalem — are illegally occupied and settled by Israel and the Jewish people.  East Jerusalem is Biblical Jerusalem, and includes the Old City, the City of David, the Western Wall, and the Temple Mount.  The United States broke its long-standing position to veto measures in the Security Council which were clearly against Israel’s legitimacy and legality.  President Obama began his presidency eight years ago with his deference to the Islamic governments and narratives, and is ending his two terms authorizing an abstention on the vote, thereby allowing it to pass unopposed, allowing Islamic doctrine and terror to cause even “Christian” nations to throw Israel ‘under the bus’, and to wipe her out from being a nation anymore. (Ps 83:1-5)  But neither has the Lord given Israel and the Jewish people to be the determiners of her own destiny.  He has created, chosen, and called her and them to a destiny and an inheritance for His glory.

The U.S. and the UN, with all the nations, are obscessed with finding fault with Israel, because the battle is really against the God of Israel, who is YHVH, God over all.  This, despite the fact that just a few short months ago, the Palestinian Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas, sought to have the UN basically nullify the Balfour Declaration, which set the Gentile nations in motion to help the Jewish people reestablish their homeland in Palestine (the Land of Israel).  By this, he was making it very plain that he does not accept Israel as a nation-state.  Yet, the U.S., and the UN Security Council, say that the Jewish settlements are the impediment to a two-state solution to “solve the conflict”.  This is truly closing the eyes and putting one’s head in the sand!  The settlements do pose a real challenge, but God is going on in HIS plan to restore HIS kingdom to Israel, and to all the nations.  Only His solution is righteous and permanent.

The Bible clearly states that in the latter days all nations would come against Jerusalem (Zech 12:1-314:1-8), and that the people and the nations are in a conspiracy against YHVH and against His Messiah (Anointed One) (Ps 2).  On the other hand, the prophets foretold that all of Israel’s lovers would desert her (Jer 30:12-24), and this would be from God in order to apply pressure on His people to return to Him, who alone truly loves them and is powerful to save them when they confess their sins against Him (and against Jesus/Yeshua) and return to Him with all their heart. (Lev 26:40-45)

In God’s sovereign wisdom, He holds all sides to account for their actions — whether they be in rebellion, in unbelief, or in ignorance.  All must give account to Him in the exercise of their free will.

We are about to enter the year 2017, a year of convergence connected with the Bible and the Word of God, the Jewish people and the land of Israel, and to signs leading up to such a great tribulation that there is no human experience for it, with the return of the Lord following. (Dan 12:1-3; Mt 24:21-31)  The year 2017 marks the following signposts:
500 yrs since the Reformation; 120 yrs since 1st Zionist Cong; 100 yrs (double Jubilee) since Beer Sheva Charge, the Balfour Declaration, and the capture of Jerusalem by Gentile Christians; 70 yrs since UN Partition Plan; 50 yrs Jubilee since capture of Jerusalem by Israeli Jews; 30 yrs since beginning of 1st Palestinian Intifada (“breaking the yoke; horse shaking off the rider”)

The stakes are high, and the nations and Israel can expect a shaking from the very real living God, who desires that all should repent and be saved.  For this He sent His Son into the world, which is ignored at our own peril.



  1. Hi Sam,

    I did watch the video today. It is, of course, most interesting, and God has given us heavenly signs to watch for. I do also believe the time is approaching, and that the Land is a key issue. But I am still reluctant to think that the constellational movements give a ‘precise’ time, but rather point towards it. It is not clear when the magi saw the Star of Bethlehem in relation to the actual time of Jesus’ birth. But it is clear that they understood what it meant. (BTW, I believe Jesus was born in 5 BC, before Herod was killed in 4 BC). The ‘blood moons’ of last year did not pinpoint anything, but they are some other indications of the times in which we live.

    This coming ‘year of convergence’, 2017, is another marker. Precisely when the covenant mentioned by Daniel is ‘confirmed’ (the word is ‘heegbeer’ הגביר) may also not be publicly known at the first. And something significant must happen, imho, that will allow some “holy place” to be constructed for the Jewish people to sacrifice again. As of now, not enough Jewish people want such a ‘temple’, and the nations and the world and the Muslims will not permit such a thing.

    At any rate, we do need to awaken and to help waken others to the things to soon come, and pray that the Lord will help us be ready to glorify Him and to help others be saved.

    Shalom, and blessings in Messiah for the new year.

  2. Thanks Howard! As we get closer, I believe Hashem will open many eyes, using your teaching among others!

    If you have a chance to watch the video I posted, I would love to hear back on your view!



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