God Can Not Lie and Knows All Truth


There are times when the Bible does not need interpretation, but just to be believed because God says so, and He cannot lie. Let Him be found true, and every man a liar. It’s when I do not, or can not, understand something, but believe it because God says so, that is faith. The evidence might be neutral by itself, but my inclination to an interpretation will be based on my basic assumptions; and mine is:  God’s Word is true, whether or not I understand all that He is communicating by it. 

Since modern science has significantly shaped the alternative worldview narrative to that which the truth of God’s Word does, then I take an interest in seeing what they come up with, and how to consider some of that with what is written in the Bible.  If we believe God, time will bear out His truth.  We do not need to get into wars over it, but we do need to guard it as stewards of His Word and of His mysteries. We may not have done too well at maintaining the peace, but God is faithful. 


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