Shalom Jim (and please call me Howard),

Firstly, thank-you for your time and very considerate responses to my questions.

Essentially, I think we are of one mind regarding the out-working of God’s plan, although personally I do not think of Him as being exasperated at a previous creation plan and then creating man (in His own image) as (hopefully) a permanent solution to the problems caused by Satan and his horde.  Rather, I believe that the all-powerful, all-knowing, ever-present true and living God took all this into account before He ever created a thing, for the Lamb was slain (as far as the triune God was concerned) before the foundation of the world.  It is my understanding that Lucifer’s rebellion of pride was somehow connected to the fact that MAN would be created in the image and likeness of God and that the Messiah, the Son of God, would be the recipient of the glory and worship which he (Luciffer) wanted, once he realized that God would impart His glory to but flesh, fulfilled in the person of the Lord Jesus Christ, both in time and throughout eternity. (Haman is very much like that).

I believe with you that we are the last generation, and that all the signs signify it, with the returning of the Jewish people to the land of Israel, of which I am one, being a very key sign (much like Noah’s ark in his days).

As for the drastic changes to the climate and geology, etc. of the earth following the flood, perhaps you have already noticed from Gen. 10:25 and 1Cron.1:19 that in the days of Peleg, who was born after the flood ( which made all the land/earth pretty wet) and lived beyond the building of the tower of Babel, the EARTH was divided, God seeing to it that the peoples would be scattered over the face of the earth.  This would also account for much of what is considered strange distribution of plant and animal life, and fossil records as well.

My reference to there being no Year “0” was simply a remark related to arithmetic and not to the linear progression of years even while there are simultaneous repetitive cycles.  Do you think that the discrepancy between the Jewish accounting of 5758 years since creation and the Christian reckoning of ~ 5998 years is due to mis-calculating the divine calendar?  To use your example of Israel’s Jubilee year being marked this year:  if Nov. 1947 or May 1948 did indeed signal a Jubilee, then Israel’s celebration should have concluded by this past Independence Day rather than just begun, the Jubilee being the 50th year following the 49th and not following the 50th “birthday”.

Within Judaism, the appointed day of Shavuot (weeks), according to the Law given by YHVH through Moses, should always fall on what we call the first day of the week or Sunday, and not simply 50 days after Passover begins.  Am I correct that that is what the pentecontad calendar substantiates?  God has left Himself flexibility for fulfilling His times , taking into account the corrections required to maintain the earth/solar/lunar relationship, so that whereas Passover has its own adjustor built in (the month of Aviv), Shavuot is the only one of the “feasts” of the LORD which does not have a definite calendar date, but it does have a definite week-day time appointed – the day after the seventh complete Sabbath following the full moon of Passover.  Christians have maintained the Sun-day while “forgetting” the continuing relevance of the Moon in the plan of God.  Praise the Lord that He is faithful, and the Son is proof!

Would you say that your findings present evidence of not only the Creator but also of the Redeemer?  There are many religious faiths which allow for a Creator, but only Christianity knows the truth regarding both the real need of a Savior and Redeemer and the answer to that in Messiah Jesus.  God described His work of creation as “very good”, and of course perfectly suited to accomplish His purposes.  Believers look for “that which is perfect to come”, the new heavens and new earth. In the present creation, the first thing God spoke into being was light.  God Himself is Light and is in the light, and Jesus came and could say of Himself that He, who was before the creation, is the Light of the world.  In the new creation, the Lamb, the glory of God is the light.  In this creation, the sun and moon were made on the fourth day, both as signs and as time-markers. Jesus, the Sun of Righteousness and glory of Israel, came into the world which He made in the fourth 1000-year day. The new and perfect creation will have no need of them.  They presently serve God’s purposes related to the earth, which endures itself in the eternal counsels of God through the perfect which is still to come.  The very fact of corrections required, though perfectly built in to God’s very good work, is an indication of God having something better in mind, which requires no adjustments, periodic or otherwise.  The seventh day of rest brought to a perfect closure God’s very good work, but the day after the Shabbat fulfills the hope of the promise of the good news of God, which we see in the new beginnings after every week and pentecontad, and especially the day after the Sabbath when the Lord Jesus was in the grave and in Sheol, and He rose from the dead bringing to light immortality through the gospel!

What I am getting at, I suppose, is can Christian scientists go beyond the truth of God the Creator, which, according to the Holy Spirit through the apostle Paul, is so evident as to leave all persons without excuse, and go on to present “proofs” of God the Redeemer, thereby giving the distinctive of our faith in the full revelation of God, for truly the heavens declare the glory of God, and we see this most clearly through faith in the setting and rising of the crucified and resurrected Son of God, Jesus Christ the Lord.  As I mentioned in my first letter, I appreciate all that God makes known to the sons of men through their seeking truth and understanding, but also that the Lord Himself said to those who are His own chosen people, without the Son you have not the Father either, and that we would honor the Son even as we honor the Father.

I have never really expressed some of the points which I have made to you, but I do so because I pray and trust that you will understand my “language”, and because not everyone can relate to these matters at both the faith level and the intellectual level.  I hope that you receive both my questions and commentary and exhortation in the Spirit of grace by which I desire it to come across.  The day is nearing when we will know all things fully and truly.

Respectfully in Christ,
Howard Bass

P.S. When you update your information on your web site, can you note where you have made revisions to ease the use of it as well as saving the time of going through it all and trying to figure out what you may have changed or added or deleted?  Also, if I were to download a revision, will it automatically replace what I have already down-loaded from the same heading, and/or can I download only a new chapter, for instance?  (Not only am I not a mathematician, I am for sure no computer whiz!)


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