Prayers and Intercessions for Beer Sheva

–We are in the world, and God commands us to pray for and to bless those in the society, for He loves them.
–We are all priests in Christ, and we are called to intercede on behalf of the Lord for all nations, and to reflect His qualities.
–It is a principle that the LORD works with and through His people in order to bring knowledge of Him to others and so to show mercy and to bless a city,  region, a nation.  (see Gen. 12:1-3; Rom. 10:11-15; Ps. 144:15)
–We are exhorted to pray for kings and all who are in authority in order both to bless our own lives and to glorify God through the salvation of others (1Tim. 2:1-6).
–In all things God gives reasons and promises and hope to do His will and to participate in both the power of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ and also in the fellowship of His sufferings, as well as to partake of His holiness.  Even now God is training us to rule with Messiah in His kingdom to come.  Continue reading “Prayers and Intercessions for Beer Sheva”


Mt 24:6-14   signs of the end of the age and the return of Jesus

This evening we have obeyed with faith the Lord Jesus Christ in the two ordinances which He left believers:  baptism and the Lord’s Supper.  Faith and life go on in the face of evil and suffering.  Love is stronger than death, and so is the power of an endless life.  Jesus said, “I AM the LIFE”.  By participating in the baptisms, by participating together in the Lord’s Supper, we proclaim our hope and confidence in the good news of God:  Jesus Christ died for our sins, was buried, and rose from the dead on the third day. . .and He will come again, and we will live with God! Continue reading “AFTER THE TERRORIST ATTACK – 3 Sept 2004”

Messianic Congregation — Beer Sheva –12 June 2004

1Tim 3:15b   . . .so that you may know how to conduct yourself in the house of God, which is the church of the Living God, the pillar and ground of the truth.

Yesterday the national leadership conference met here, and the central topic was “Building an Israeli Jewish Messianic Assembly”. This subject has been discussed for over 20 years, and still eludes clear definition. Last week Dima Lavrov taught on three things which should be present in any local congregation: truth, vision, relationships. Today I want to speak more regarding these essentials as they relate to our own congregation, Messianic Congregation – Beer Sheva. I speak to those of you who are new here, to those of you who may not know who or what we are as a congregation, to those who may be looking for the right church for you in this area, and of course to remind the rest of our calling as a local congregation.

It is difficult to find agreement amongst even Jews as to what is “Jewish”; in Israel there is no consensus as to what is “Israeli”. We who are Israeli and Jewish combine all the cultures of man, having lived in most of them and bringing much from them back here to Israel. Our unity is not in our “tribal” distinctions, but in our relationship to the one true God who created and chose us for His eternal purposes. Continue reading “Messianic Congregation — Beer Sheva –12 June 2004”


Gen 21:29 – 22:19

–Beer Sheva a place of covenant, under oath, with other nations of the land
–Abraham called on YHVH, the Everlasting God
–from Beer Sheva, God called Abraham to his ultimate test of faith:  to sacrifice his only and beloved
son, Isaac, on themountHewould show him
–the Angel YHVH called to Abraham from Heaven, after the interrupted sacrifice, to promise him with
an oath that in his seed all the nations of the Earth will be blessed (Gal 3:8,16)
–Abraham and Isaac returned to live in Beer Sheva Continue reading “BEER SHEVA AND THE GOSPEL – 8 June 2002”


(Our congregation was attacked by over 1000 ultra-orthodox religious Jewish men, women, and children the following Shabbat after this message was given.)

I have been preaching recently on the need and responsibility we each and all have to dig up the clogged wells of our inner lives in order for the water of life in Christ Jesus to flow freely in us and through us for blessing and fruitfulness unto God our Father. We have a need and responsibility for knowing Him and the Lord Jesus both differently and freshly. This leads us to sing a new song.

Today I want us to consider together a picture which the Holy Spirit gives us through the prophets, and our response to it as those called by God to stand by faith in Him to fulfill His promises – even to Beer Sheva and the Negev.

Read:  Is. 41:17-20  Continue reading “BEER SHEVA IS YHVH’s”


Ps. 127:1  —  Unless the LORD builds the house, they labor in vain who build it; unless the LORD guards the city, the watchman stays awake in vain

Watchmen protect and guard the interests of the owner/sovereign – in this case God the Father and His Son Yeshua the Messiah.  In the eternal wisdom of God, His strategy to win the war between the devil and Himself was that the Son of God/Son of Man would come into the world and be nailed to a cross as a sacrifice for sin, making peace through His cross to all who believe in Jesus as Savior and Lord, the Anointed One of God, who rose from the dead.  We overcome the world by believing in Him.  Our victory is in His victory.  By the poured out blood of Yeshua, God has redeemed (purchased back) the Land of Israel, the whole earth, even the whole of His creation, and has given all authority over it to the Lord Jesus.  The Kingdom of God will come!  Believers are properly watchmen when we stand in faith upon the Word of God regarding the Church and our authority as members of the Body of Messiah in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ to bring conviction by the Holy Spirit of sin, righteousness, and judgment to human beings, whoever and wherever they be. Continue reading “WATCHMEN IN/OVER BEER SHEVA AND THE NEGEV – Oct 1998”


Last week I spoke about digging up our stopped-up wells so that the spiritual life in Messiah can flow through us more freely.  We spoke of some of the “stones, dirt, and garbage” which can clog up our wells.  It had been my intention to speak today on another subject related to God’s purposes for us here in Beer Sheva, but during the week the Holy Spirit convicted me of another stone in both my life and in the congregation’s, which is limiting God in blessing us here as He would want.  It is a subject which is seen from the first pages of history down to these last days, as written for our instruction in the Bible.   Continue reading “CLOGGED WELLS: UNPAID TITHES AND OFFERINGS”