CATC 2012 Manifesto – 12 Mar 2012


The CATC conference in Bethlehem ended on Friday evening, and the controversy going into the conference continued in its going out.  The organizers put out a ‘manifesto’ (which you can read on their own website, ), which says nothing about evangelizing anyone, nor of any hope in the coming again of the Lord to bring GOD’s righteousness and justice to the whole of His world which He made; nor does it accept YHVH God’s on-going covenant faithfulness to the physical descendants of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob — to whom He made many promises that also are intended to bless all nations.  This — under whatever name people want to use or not — replaces God’s Word with their own understanding, just as the Jewish people have done.  It makes the one true God a covenant-breaker, which He is assuredly not, but the last days are characterized partly by those who are, and the anti-christ will make league with covenant-breakers.  Rejecting the on-going relationship of God with not only Jewish people, but also with the nation of Israel, is simply the same thing as saying what I heard all my life before:  The Jews killed Christ; God is finished with the Jews.

The conference has brought to light stated positions, and put them on the table.  With all the appearances of giving a hearing to a pro-Bible (to use the phrase of another) perspective in order to be ‘balanced’, the manifesto all the more shows that the ‘elephant in the room’ is still disregarded.  However, there were some good indications of a calmer tone than in the first conference in 2010, and some positive input from some of the Israeli participants and attendees at this year’s conference.

In the meantime, there is loud silence over the year-long atrocities in Syria, and no denouncing of the rocket attacks on the southern cities of Israel, which is now in its fourth day.
The battle is the Lord’s;  Pray that He will break through the impasse/roadblock/checkpoint, to take us forward from where we are.  Yeshua/Jesus/Yasu is the believer’s living hope in the midst of conflict.


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