Shalom from Israel!

I have downloaded some of your fascinating research which, by the grace of God, has been opened to you. Christ is made unto us wisdom, and in these last days knowledge is increasing, but only the Holy Spirit can give true understanding and wisdom resulting in praise to God the Father and to the Lord Jesus Christ.

I am not a mathematician, but I do know and believe that God is the one who has ordained numbers and their structures and their significance, both naturally and spiritually. It is a blessing to see that there is demonstrable evidence of inter-related calendrical  movements in the solar system ( and I am convinced throughout the entire universe), showing God to be the Author of order and stability and not of confusion and arbitrariness.  Child-like faith believes that without scientific proof, but it is always a joy to know the “work of His hands” so that we who have been redeemed by Him can worship Him also with our intelligence.  I want to thank you for freely providing your findings for the benefit of others who might be interested.

I do have some questions, which, if possible, I would be very appreciative for your responses if your research applies to them:

1. Joshua 10:12-14  Does this unique day account for the missing day over a 6000-7000 year period?

2. 2Kings 20:8-11   Is the Lord’s intervention here accounted for in your precise mathematical findings?

3. Psalms 90:4; 2Peter 3:8  Does your work give additional insight to this, apart from the obvious reference to the 6000 years/6 days of created and redemptive history and the 7000th/7th day sabbatical millenial for the whole creation?

4.  Daniel 9:24-27  Does your research explain the 69 “weeks” and 1 “week” using the pentacontad reckoning?

5.  Since the Jubilee year is both an end and beginning time-marker (like Sunday as the 8th and 1st day, and the fact that there is no Year 0), doesn’t that affect the calculations, e.g., 600 years would not be the same as 12 Jubilees?

6.  When was the last Biblically-based Jubilee, assuming that God maintains His own accounting?  (It is also true what the Lord Jesus said, that no created being can know the day or the hour of His coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory.)

7.  Do you have any ideas regarding the historic occurrences of tragic events during the Hebrew calendar dates from the 17th Tammuz (the Biblical 4th lunar month) to the 9th Av (the 5th month)?

8.  Does your research lend support to either theory of whether the earth revolves around the sun or vice versa, or perhaps to some other inter-related movement? I assume that just as you found the Word of God to be your most reliable source to determine and confirm the created calendar, so will it be so regarding this great question.

That’s it for now, and again I thank you for your sharing what God is revealing to you.

Howard Bass


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