A poem by David Wallis, a prisoner at Kingman Prison – Huachuca Unit, in Arizona

Growing up, my family, my friends, my church, and my school 
   Surrounded me with Don’ts, and how to keep the Golden Rule.

I had a strong foundation in what approved conduct was,
   So strived serving others for approval and their love.

Subtly over years, through Bible school marriage and work
   I obscured my dark heart, where rooted lusts seethed and lurked.

Addiction to deception will be exposed for all to see;
   God’s lovingkindness broke my lie, so in Jesus now I’m free!

I praise and thank my Father, now in prison in Christ I’m clean;
   Living before God daily, who my motives has clearly seen.

Dear struggling believer:  Bow; seek to be clothed in Christ in death, 
   Then raised by the Spirit, so Christ can live your life what’s left. 


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