Hello James,

Israel has reverted to regular time, going off summer clock (DST in American parlance) this past week.

No, we are not Unitarians, which as far as I understand, do not accept the deity of Christ, and therefore not the triune God who has revealed Himself as being Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

My wife, who is not Jewish, and I belong to an evangelical Messianic (Christian) congregation, which is cross-denominational in that believers have come out from various religious backgrounds, including within Christianity, e.g., Pentecostal, Lutheran, Baptist, Brethren, Orthodox.  We ourselves observe the various holidays relevant to Jews and Christians without any legalistic obligations upon the believer for conscience sake towards earning righteousness with God.  Our aim is to focus on the centrality of Jesus Christ and the cross as God’s answer for Earth’s problems.  Sin has put distance between God and His beloved mankind, and the truth of Jesus Christ provides His remedy to restore the broken relationship and intimate fellowship which is God’s heart’s desire. It should also be ours.

We immigrated to Israel 17 years ago as a direct response of willing obedience to God’s telling me by the Holy Spirit to go to Israel.  We arrived seven months later. This call or sending came instantaneously upon my own acceptance through faith in the truth that Jesus is indeed Lord and Messiah, which I had been brought up to reject.  I had previously been twice to Israel, acknowledging its importance to me as a Jew, but not having any desire to live here.  It was the living God of my fathers who changed my heart and motivations.

We came over from Virginia, and after being here four months chose to make our home in Beer Sheva (Sheba) in the southern part of the country, in what is known as the Negev desert.  Beer Sheva was originally allotted to the Israeli tribe of Shimon (Simeon), later being absorbed by the tribe of Judah (from whom the name Jew is derived).  No Jew living today can ascertain for certain from which of the tribes he is descended.  Whether I am of Judah, or perhaps from Shimon, I do not know.  I have no other relatives living in Israel, nor for that matter do I have any who are at present believers in Jesus as the Christ and the Son of the living God.  We have four children who have been born here.

Thanks for keeping me posted of updates.  The only difference I am aware of between the Netscape and the Microsoft versions of your site is that on the Explorer browser, the main title moves back and forth, with the moon rotating as on Navigator.  Is there anthing else that would present a reason for choosing to view the site on Internet Exp.?

Howard Bass


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